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Purchasing Raptor Series 5in OEM Style Full Tread Slide Track Running Boards

Ram trucks are known for providing enormous power, unmatched durability, and superb performance. The 2022 Ram 2500 is no exception as it stands out as a true workhorse with a spacious cab and incredible hauling abilities. To complement this rugged beauty, you should be looking for the right 2022 Ram 2500 running boards in the market. 

What about choosing Raptor Series 5-inch OEM Style Full Tread Slide Track Running Boards? These essential accessories are ideal for those 2022 Ram 2500 drivers seeking both style and functionality.

2022 Ram 2500 Running Boards

What are the Key Features – 

Spacious and Slip-Resistant Design –

The 5-inch wide step area offers a comfortable stepping space that provides much more than just functionality. The slip-resistant step treads along the entire length of the running board offer a secure footing, even during challenging weather conditions.

Durable Construction –

Crafted from strong, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant aircraft-grade aluminum, these running boards are specifically built to withstand the toughest conditions. Whether you need the black textured or brushed aluminum finish, these boards are available with unique angled end caps for a stylish and exceptional appearance.

Adjustable Slide Track System –

These Ram 2500 Running Boards feature the custom slide track system to add a layer of flexibility to your truck customization. It will make it easy to adjust the position of your running boards as per your preferences without drilling into the rocker panel. Hence, the running boards require a no-drill installation that offers convenience and versatility.

2022 Ram 2500 Running Boards

Impressive Weight Rating –

Heavy-duty brackets provide a remarkable 400-pound weight rating per each side. These running boards are ideal for those who require form and function from their truck accessories.

Warranty Assurance –

Raptor Series stands by the quality of their product providing a limited lifetime warranty on workmanship and structure. These running boards are available with a 10-year limited manufacturer warranty on the finish that ensures durability and customer satisfaction.

Installation and Customization –

The installation is pretty simple as these running boards bolt to factory mounting points which eliminates the need for drilling. Every package includes driver and passenger sideboards, brackets, and all necessary hardware for a hassle-free installation. The boards and brackets are shipped in separate boxes. Rest assured that, you will be provided with a single master shipping tracking number that will keep you informed about both shipments.

The Slide Track Running Boards from Raptor Series allow you to customize your truck further. The Slide Track running boards offer an easy, no-drill installation and compatibility with other Raptor Series accessories. 

2022 Ram 2500 Running Boards

Whether you want to protect your brackets with thermoplastic bracket covers or improve visibility with 10-inch LED Light Strips (available in white and RGB), the options are available for you to personalize your truck for your preferences and needs.

Final Conclusion –

Boost the style and functionality of your 2022 Ram 2500 with Raptor Series 5in OEM Style Full Tread Slide Track Running Boards available at Running Board Central. Our Ram 2500 running boards are known for providing quality, durability, and satisfaction to every driver who wants the best from their truck. Drive confidently, step with style, and make your 2022 Ram 2500 stand out from the rest.