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Understanding the Cost of Installing Ram 2500 Running Boards

Do you want to add running boards to your Ram 2500 truck? These essential accessories can enhance your truck’s overall aesthetics and functionality. In addition, they add a stylish touch and provide necessary support in accessing your vehicle, especially if it’s lifted or has a higher ground clearance. 

RAM 2500 Running Boards

However, the cost of installing running boards can depend on several factors. Please read this blog and understand the details of installing running boards on a Ram 2500 truck and explore the different expenses included:

Factors Affecting the Cost of Installation of Ram 2500 Running Boards

  1. Type of Running Boards
  • Running boards are available in various types, including stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic. Each material has a different cost, but stainless steel is typically more expensive than aluminum or plastic.
  • Some running boards may have additional features like LED lighting or retractable steps that can further affect the overall cost.

RAM 2500 Running Boards

  1. Brand and Quality
  • Different brands provide running boards at different price points, depending on their reputation, quality, and specific features.
  • Choosing a well-known and reputable brand might cost you more but could provide durability and longevity. These accessories can save money in the long run by reducing the requirement for frequent replacements or repairs.
  1. Installation Method
  • The installation method can significantly influence the overall cost. Some running boards are specifically designed for easy, bolt-on installation, while others may need professional installation, which could incur extra labor charges.
  • DIY installation may seem affordable initially, but you need to consider the complexity of the installation process and the potential risks that come with improper installation. These risks can lead to more damage or safety hazards.

RAM 2500 Running Boards

  1. Additional Accessories

Consider your preferences and requirements and accessorize your running boards with add-ons like mud flaps, brackets, or custom finishes. These extra accessories can contribute to the overall cost.

Estimating the Cost – 

  • The cost of Ram 2500 truck running boards can range from $100 to $1000 or more, depending on the factors discussed above.
  • Basic, no-frills running boards manufactured from aluminum or plastic may cost less, ranging from $100 to $300.
  • Mid-range running boards manufactured from stainless steel or featuring extra functionalities like LED lighting could cost between $300 and $700.
  • Premium running boards from well-known brands with advanced features and superior build quality may exceed $700 and go up to $1000 or more.

Understanding the Installation Costs – 

  • If you choose professional installation, labor charges can vary based on factors like location, the complexity of the installation, and the hourly costs of the service provider.
  • On average, professional installation costs for running boards on a Ram 2500 truck might range from $100 to $300 or more.
  • DIY installation can help you save on labor costs, but it’s essential to have a proper installation to prevent any safety or performance issues in the future. 

RAM 2500 Running Boards

Conclusion – 

Adding running boards to your Ram 2500 truck can provide practical benefits and aesthetic appeal. However, you should consider different factors like the type of running boards, brand reputation, installation method, and additional accessories while estimating the overall cost.

Though there are running boards available for different costs, investing in quality materials and professional installation can contribute to their durability and performance, subsequently offering value for money in the long term.

What are the Top Features of the GMC Canyon?

Are you an owner of a GMC Canyon or looking to buy one? This vehicle is a versatile option that blends rough-tough performance with contemporary conveniences. The Canyon has something for everyone, regardless of whether you are an experienced off-roader or searching for a dependable workhorse. Apart from the inbuilt ones, you can consider assembling convenient features like GMC Canyon running boards to enhance accessibility and aesthetics. 

Let us explore the best features and added options that make the GMC Canyon a standout in its category!

GMC Canyon Running Boards

Powerful Engine Options:

Under the hood, the GMC Canyon boasts potent engine options that cater to diverse driving preferences. 

  • The fuel-efficient yet capable 2.5L four-cylinder engine
  • Robust 3.6L V6 engine delivering impressive horsepower
  • Duramax® 2.8L Turbo-Diesel engine 

Whatever your power needs, the Canyon has an engine to match.

ProGrade™ Trailering System:

Are you enthusiasts who demand precision and control while towing? The Canyon introduces the ProGrade™ Trailering System, which provides 

  • An automatic locking rear differential
  • An integrated trailer brake controller
  • A diesel exhaust brake

GMC Canyon Running Boards

Off-Road Capabilities:

Most adventure seekers appreciate the GMC Canyon’s off-road prowess. The vehicle has features like 

  • The off-road suspension package
  • Hill descent control
  • An off-road mode for the traction control system

The Canyon is well-equipped to conquer challenging terrains. 

Spacious and Comfortable Interior:

What do you feel when stepping inside the Canyon? You can experience a skillfully designed interior that successfully combines utility and comfort.

  • a heated steering wheel
  • Heated and ventilated front seats
  • leather-appointed seating

GMC Canyon Running Boards

Intuitive Infotainment System:

Do you enjoy using the GMC Infotainment System to stay entertained and connected? It features

  • An intuitive touchscreen display (supports Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ integration). 
  • Access to your favorite apps
  • Hands-free calling
  • Seamless smartphone connectivity
  • 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot 

Safety Features:

The GMC Canyon has a host of advanced safety features. 

  • Forward collision alert 
  • Lane departure warning to the rear park assist and 
  • Rear vision camera

On every trip, the Canyon can ensure you and your passenger’s safety.

GMC Canyon Running Boards

Distinctive Exterior Design:

The GMC Canyon boasts a bold and distinctive exterior design that exudes strength and captures attention on the road. 

  • Signature grille
  • Muscular fenders
  • LED lighting

Importance of installing running boards: Why is it a vital additional feature of GMC Canyon?

Running Boards for Accessibility:

A noteworthy addition to the list of features that enhance the GMC Canyon’s functionality is the availability of running boards. 

Running boards are crucial in accessibility, especially for a pickup truck with a higher ground clearance. This side-step system offers a safe and easy way to get in and out of the car. 

It makes the Canyon more user-friendly for drivers and passengers alike.

GMC Canyon Running Boards

Enhanced Style and Functionality:

Running boards contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the GMC Canyon. The carefully designed boards integrate with the truck’s exterior for a polished look. 

Assisting with Cargo Loading:

The installation of running boards on the GMC Canyon proves especially advantageous when it comes to loading and unloading cargo. These side steps offer a stable platform for reaching into the truck. It ensures retrieving items without straining or awkward maneuvering. 

Protection against Road Debris:

The running boards help minimize the impact of gravel, mud, and other debris kicked up during off-road adventures. It preserves the truck’s exterior finish and ensures a mess-free, pleasant driving experience.

GMC Canyon Running Boards


Canyon can elevate your driving experience with its top-notch features. GMC Canyon running boards– an additional feature that goes beyond mere aesthetics. It contributes to the truck’s accessibility, functionality, and overall user experience. 

Whether you are navigating urban environments, loading cargo, or venturing off-road, running boards are a valuable addition. It enhances the practicality and visual appeal of the GMC Canyon.

Do you want to add the highest standard running boards to your existing or new GMC Canyon? Check the best options at Running Board Central

Investing in GMC Canyon Running Boards to Boost Your Truck Appeal

Are you looking for a truck with robust power and versatility? If yes, then you should look no further than the GMC Canyon. To improve the overall aesthetics and functionality of your GMC Canyon, you should add running boards. Check out this post and find out what makes them the perfect upgrade for your GMC Canyon truck:

Aesthetically Pleasing Upgrade

GMC Canyon Running Boards are more than just functional add-ons as they add unique style to your truck’s exterior. These boards come in different materials and finishes that allow you to choose a style that complements the overall appearance of your truck. Whether you prefer the sleek appearance of black powder-coated boards or the classic appeal of chrome, you will find running board options to match your taste.

GMC Canyon Running Boards

Easy Access to Your Truck

One of the main reasons behind installing running boards on your GMC Canyon is the improved accessibility they provide. These boards provide you with a convenient step to get in and out of your truck easily. You can avoid climbing awkwardly with these running boards as they make every entrance and exit smooth and hassle-free. 

Improved Protection 

Apart from their visual appeal, GMC Canyon Running Boards make practical solutions as they keep the truck’s exterior protected. Working as the barrier against road debris, stones, and mud that can be kicked up by the tires, these running boards keep your Canyon truck looking sharp. They help prevent damage to the truck paint and bodywork, ultimately preserving the resale value of your investment.

GMC Canyon Running Boards

Boosting Functionality 

Running boards are not just limited to adding style as they’re about making your truck more functional. When you have accessories to load or unload from the truck bed, you can step on their stable platform. This is especially valuable when using your Canyon for work or outdoor activities, as it simplifies the process of accessing tools, equipment, or recreational gear.

Enhancing Safety 

While entering or exiting your GMC Canyon, you can take advantage of the safety provided by these running boards. They provide a secure foothold that reduces the hassle of slipping or stumbling. This is especially useful during adverse weather conditions as these situations require a sturdy step for your truck to make all the difference.

GMC Canyon Running Boards

Customizing for Perfection 

GMC Canyon Running Boards are perfectly engineered to complement your truck appeal. They are available in different configurations, including cab length and wheel-to-wheel options so that it can be easy to find a custom fit for your specific Canyon model. Choosing these running boards enhances the visual appeal and assures optimal functionality.


Do you want to make a practical and stylish addition to your truck? If yes, then you should check out available GMC Canyon running boards at Running Board Central. From improving accessibility and protecting your truck’s exterior to adding personalized flair, these running boards provide enormous benefits.

You should consider them as the necessary upgrade to your vehicle as well as the investment in the overall experience of owning and driving your GMC Canyon. Upgrade the style and functionality of your GMC Canyon with the right running boards, and discover a new dimension to owning your truck.

Why Installing Running Boards is Essential for Trucks?

Trucks are well known for their ruggedness and versatility. If you own a truck, you must be looking for a way to maximize both style and functionality of your vehicle. When improving the usability of your truck, there is one accessory that will make your truck look good and add safety i.e. the running boards for trucks

These functional add-ons offer you a great range of benefits that go beyond aesthetics. Please continue reading the blog and understand why installing truck running boards is essential for you as a truck owner.

Easy Accessibility to Everyone –

Whether you own a lifted truck or a standard-height one, getting in and out of the truck can be difficult for you and your passengers. Investing in running boards can give you a convenient and secure step up that makes entering and exiting your truck safe and virtually effortless. 

Running Boards

A new set of our running boards for trucks makes sure that passengers of every age and height including kids, elderly individuals, and individuals with limited mobility, can access the vehicle effortlessly. The additional accessibility provided by running boards can give you a significant advantage while making it comfortable and accessible for everyone.

Ensuring Safety –

Safety is the main priority you should consider as a truck owner. Running boards have an important role in enhancing safety by offering a stable step-up to enter and exit the vehicle. Most running boards for trucks come with textured surfaces and a non-slip design that will help you minimize the risk of slips and falls, even during wet or icy conditions. These truck accessories can also prevent dirt and debris from being tracked inside the truck while reducing the potential hazards of slippery surfaces. You should invest in running boards to prioritize the safety of yourself and your passengers.

Protecting Your Truck –

Keeping your truck safe and protected is essential to maintain its value and aesthetics. Running boards work like a shield as they help you protect the side panels of your truck from road debris, rocks, and scratches that are mainly caused by footwear. 

In addition, these truck running boards can help you create a barrier between the tires and the truck body. They can help you reduce the potential damage from stones and other debris kicked up by the wheels. You should consider installing running boards as they can safeguard the paintwork of your truck and keep it looking pristine.

Running Boards

Versatility –

Do you use your truck for your daily commute? Or are you enjoying off-roading adventures, or hauling heavy cargo? No matter what the case, the running boards provide functionality and convenience in different situations. They work like functional accessories making your truck more versatile and adaptable to different requirements.

Conclusion –

Installing truck running boards is not only about improving your vehicle’s appearance and it’s about adding functionality, safety, and protection. By offering easy accessibility, enhancing safety, and protecting the exterior of your vehicle, running boards can allow you a multitude of benefits that you will appreciate. Browse available running boards for trucks at Running Board Central and experience the convenience and functionality they bring to your truck.

How Do You Shop for the Right Running Boards Near You?

Are you looking for superb-quality running boards near you? If yes, then you have made a good decision. Running boards makes access into your truck a lot easier and provides you with enormous protection and safety. So, you should know what to look for while choosing running boards near you for your truck or SUV. 

Consider the uses for running boards

Running boards are specifically designed to help people step into tall vehicles as effortlessly as possible. They are well-known for their beautiful appearance. Running boards are installed under the side doors and are in between the front and back wheel wells. 

Typically, running boards are made by different manufacturers for specific models or can be custom-made. You will come across different lengths of running boards and they are made with different materials and exceptional styles. 

Consider the style of running boards.

Running boards are available in many styles including cab length, wheel-to-wheel, bed, and full flare. Your selection must rely on your requirement to climb and access the specific areas of the vehicle or what about the appearance. 

Consider the materials for running boards

Generally, running boards are made from stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass, aluminum, or ABS plastic. Aluminum and steel are more durable and can be available in different finishes. But fiberglass and plastic materials can be painted to match the vehicle style perfectly. Textures and patterns present on the running boards help prevent slipping. 

Bottom Line –

While choosing running boards near you for your truck or SUV, you should evaluate the style, materials, and uses. At American Truck N’ Auto Accessories, you will choose from sturdy heavy-duty carbon steel to 304 marine grade stainless steel to the always popular light and strong extruded aluminum. 

Most of our running boards are available in a beautiful silver finish, mirror finish, polished stainless or flat powder coat black. We have many OEM running board styles available but at a fraction of the cost of the original equipment. Our extensive inventory allows you to take advantage of shopping for all of your truck running boards, truck steps, oval or round nerf bars, tube steps, and side steps. Every product we carry is backed by the manufacturer’s comprehensive, complete warranty. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch customer service. Find the right running board that perfectly matches the model and make of your SUV or truck. Please check out our available range of running boards at

Buying 2019-2023 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab, OEM Style 6″ Running Boards

Raptor Series Running Boards

Are you looking for superb-quality performance-driven truck running boards? If yes, then you should look no further than Raptor Series running boards. Raptor Series continues to set its standard by maintaining craftsmanship, quality, and satisfaction. They provide a great range of top-rated automotive products and accessories for trucks and SUVs, such as oval and round step bars, stainless running boards, nerf bars, drop steps, bed rails and more.

Raptor Series running boards offer a comprehensive range of high-quality running boards and truck steps for just about any truck and SUV available today. They have almost 20 years of experience in manufacturing and they know how to build running boards, nerf bars, nerf steps and truck steps. Some Raptor Series running boards are available with a ten-year warranty that includes their finish! Take a look at our online catalog and find just the right truck steps for your truck.

Raptor Series Running Boards

When looking for Raptor Series running boards, you can shop for 2019-2023 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab, OEM Style 6” Running Boards on our website. They are superbly styled 6” wide running boards offering a nice flat wide step area. The generous width ensures safety and ease of entry or exit from your vehicle.

Raptor Series Running Boards

These running boards are made from 6061 solid extruded aluminum and come with slip-resistant step treads ensuring non-slip footing. The Raptor Series running board has an attractive brushed aluminum finish or textured black with black plastic end caps. They come with two boards one on the left and another on the right, instructions and all hardware.

The running boards use factory OEM mounting points so they can be installed easily at your home and you won’t need any specialized tools. Regular home tools will enable you to install the running boards easily within a couple of hours. They carry a 400lb weight rating and are backed by a comprehensive manufacturer with ten years of warranty. There are no other running board manufacturers that offer such a great warranty and stand behind their products like Raptor Series! You can receive technical support over email or phone. For a detailed copy of the installation instructions, they are available under the MANUAL tab on our website.

For more information about our running boards, truck steps, side steps, and nerf bars in more detail, feel free to visit American Truck N’ Auto Accessories today. Check out our available  running boards for your ride at today!

Buying 2005-2023 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab 5″ Oval Black Aluminum Nerf Bars

Do you constantly struggle to get in and out of your truck because it’s just too darn high? Why don’t you buy some  5″ Oval Black Aluminum Nerf Bars! These Nerf bars are manufactured from aluminum offering enormous corrosion resistance. They are of high quality and available with durable black e-coating for a visually-appealing, long-lasting finish. 

The nerf bars are specifically designed to resist corrosion from different road conditions like salt used on the roads during snowy climate conditions. They are designed specifically to bolt directly onto your truck or SUV by using the OEM mounting points. 

These bars can be installed effortlessly as they require only  regular tools used in homes. Rest assured that these  nerf bars are available with a comprehensive ten years manufacturer warranty that includes the finish!  So, you can be confident in the quality of these nerf bars.

When shopping for superb quality nerf bars online, you should look no further than 2005-2023 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab 5″ Oval Black Aluminum Nerf Bars. They feature top-quality aluminum alloy construction along with steel brackets. These bars are 5” cab length premium standard aluminum black nerf bars. They are made from 6063 aluminum alloy; so they are lightweight, sturdy, and durable. 

These aluminum nerf bars have an attractive textured black e-coat finish to deliver a beautiful appearance and superior long-lasting protection. They come with exceptionally designed no-crush step pads offering high-standard gripping and style and they won’t crack or dip in the middle. These nerf bars look attractive and exceptionally angled end caps. They won’t require any drilling during the installation. You can bolt them directly on using the factory mounting points. 

The 2005-2023 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab 5″ Oval Black Aluminum Nerf Bars have a 400lb weight rating per every board. They come complete with sturdy brackets and hardware e-coated with anti rust properties. These steps include the manufacturer’s comprehensive 10-year warranty on structure and finish. 

Apart from them, you will find nerf bars of different shapes and sizes from 4” and 5”, oval, straight or curved, or round in both stainless steel and black at American Truck N’ Auto Accessories. We carry only the very highest  quality nerf bars so that you can expect to get the very best quality product with the best warranty and after-sales service assurance. If you are looking for the right nerf bars for your truck or SUV, you should start your search by choosing your vehicle from the drop-down menus at You can check out the nerf bars that best fit your vehicle. American Truck N’ Auto Accessories specializes in offering nerf bars in many styles and finishes to choose from. Check out our selection today!

Truck Steps vs Running Boards. What’s the Difference?

So whats the difference between truck steps and running boards! Glad you asked! Well, they can both have many similarities to each other. Generally, running boards are flat in shape – pretty kinda plain jane, and truck steps are actual individual steps with specific places to put your feet. Below is an example of a running board as opposed to a truck step. Notice the relatively flat wide surface area to place your foot. This particular running board is long enough to incorporate both front and rear doors on this crew cab 4 door truck making it very easy for the driver and passenger to enter and exit the vehicle. Notice the rubber pads which give a non-split skid resistant surface, a good idea in wet or icey conditions.


Now we will talk a little more about truck steps. These are available either as one or two steps incorporated into on piece bolted to either side of the truck or they can have individual steps for driver and passengers. Example below. Notice the individual steps welded to the bar.


Ford Running Boards

Many many years ago when Henry Ford pioneered the production line method of mass producing his Ford cars and trucks, he had some great ideas that revolutionized the way cars were made.  One of the things he designed into his Ford vehicles were running boards so people could easily step up into their Ford car or truck. Typically they were installed between the front and rear fender.  They were even used for storage of certain items.

Shown above is a 1940 Ford Pick Up flat head.

As the decades rolled by, vehicle designs evolved and cars were made to sit lower and lower to the ground. This eliminated the need for running boards for cars. However, they continued to be used for trucks and commercial vehicles as these types of vehicles were higher off the ground and harder to get up in to. Today running boards are still installed on Ford trucks and suv’s and no longer installed in cars.

Ford F-150 Running Boards

Shown above is the ever popular Ford F-150 complete with aftermarket Ford running boards installed. These particular ones are extruded aluminum and powder coated black. They are designed specifically for the 2015, 2016, 2017 Ford F-150 pick up truck. These particular running boards are also available in brushed aluminum for a very attractive look.

At Running Board Central, we offer a variety of truck steps for many Ford models. We have them for the F-150, F-250, F-350 trucks, along with Ranger and Ford suv’s.

What is a Running Board Anyway

All About the Running Board

This may be a dumb question, but what is a running board anyway? It’s actually not a dumb question at all! Running boards were first used on some of the very first cars on the road. And still in use today, they are still referred to as “boards”. Aren’t “boards” like pieces of wood? Yes and that’s what they used to make running boards out of. You would have thought after all these years, they would have come up with a more modern name? How about “mounting platforms” or something like that. But no, they are still called “running boards”. I guess some things never change!

Running Board

The picture above shows us one of the first types of running boards used on cars. These old cars had to have a board to step on to as it was part of the design concept and made it a lot easier to get into the car!