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Why Installing Running Boards is Essential for Trucks?

Trucks are well known for their ruggedness and versatility. If you own a truck, you must be looking for a way to maximize both style and functionality of your vehicle. When improving the usability of your truck, there is one accessory that will make your truck look good and add safety i.e. the running boards for trucks

These functional add-ons offer you a great range of benefits that go beyond aesthetics. Please continue reading the blog and understand why installing truck running boards is essential for you as a truck owner.

Easy Accessibility to Everyone –

Whether you own a lifted truck or a standard-height one, getting in and out of the truck can be difficult for you and your passengers. Investing in running boards can give you a convenient and secure step up that makes entering and exiting your truck safe and virtually effortless. 

Running Boards

A new set of our running boards for trucks makes sure that passengers of every age and height including kids, elderly individuals, and individuals with limited mobility, can access the vehicle effortlessly. The additional accessibility provided by running boards can give you a significant advantage while making it comfortable and accessible for everyone.

Ensuring Safety –

Safety is the main priority you should consider as a truck owner. Running boards have an important role in enhancing safety by offering a stable step-up to enter and exit the vehicle. Most running boards for trucks come with textured surfaces and a non-slip design that will help you minimize the risk of slips and falls, even during wet or icy conditions. These truck accessories can also prevent dirt and debris from being tracked inside the truck while reducing the potential hazards of slippery surfaces. You should invest in running boards to prioritize the safety of yourself and your passengers.

Protecting Your Truck –

Keeping your truck safe and protected is essential to maintain its value and aesthetics. Running boards work like a shield as they help you protect the side panels of your truck from road debris, rocks, and scratches that are mainly caused by footwear. 

In addition, these truck running boards can help you create a barrier between the tires and the truck body. They can help you reduce the potential damage from stones and other debris kicked up by the wheels. You should consider installing running boards as they can safeguard the paintwork of your truck and keep it looking pristine.

Running Boards

Versatility –

Do you use your truck for your daily commute? Or are you enjoying off-roading adventures, or hauling heavy cargo? No matter what the case, the running boards provide functionality and convenience in different situations. They work like functional accessories making your truck more versatile and adaptable to different requirements.

Conclusion –

Installing truck running boards is not only about improving your vehicle’s appearance and it’s about adding functionality, safety, and protection. By offering easy accessibility, enhancing safety, and protecting the exterior of your vehicle, running boards can allow you a multitude of benefits that you will appreciate. Browse available running boards for trucks at Running Board Central and experience the convenience and functionality they bring to your truck.

What are the Features & Benefits of S-Series Truck Running Boards?

Do you own a rugged off-road vehicle or a sleek urban cruiser? Whatever vehicle you own, you should have the right accessories to improve the overall look and function of your ride. When it comes to stepping up or off the vehicle, the S-Series running boards make the right addition. 

Improving style and convenience, these running boards offer a wide range of benefits that not only enhance the overall aesthetics of your vehicle but provide enormous functionality. Please continue reading this blog post to understand the benefits and features of these running boards.  

S-Series Truck Running Boards

What are the Main Features of S-Series Truck Running Boards?

S-Series running boards are specifically engineered to maintain a proper balance between style and function. Perfectly crafted with precision and attention to detail, these running boards have the following features:

Sleek and Stylish Design –

The S-Series running boards feature a modern and eye-catching design that will add a unique touch of sophistication to your vehicle. Designed with clean lines, a beautiful appearance, and a fine finish, these running boards blend with the aesthetics of your vehicle seamlessly.

Durability – 

Built with superior-quality materials like aluminum and stainless steel, S-Series running boards are built to withstand the test of time. These materials are resistant to corrosion, rust, and UV damage. So, it will be easier to maintain their stylish appearance in harsh weather conditions.

S-Series Truck Running Boards

Improved Safety and Accessibility –

These truck running boards provide a convenient step for easy access to and from your vehicle. They provide the vehicle with a wide stepping surface and non-slip treads that ensure a secure footing and minimize the risk of accidents.

Protection and Coverage –

Apart from functionality, S-Series truck running boards keep the lower body of your vehicle protected. These running boards work like a shield against road debris, rocks, and other potential damage that your vehicle can encounter during your adventures.

What are the Benefits of S-Series Running Boards?

When you buy S-Series running boards, you can take advantage of so many benefits apart from aesthetic appeal. Take a look at the post and find out:

Easy Accessibility –

The running boards offer a sturdy step up allowing both drivers and passengers to get in and out of the vehicle. They are especially handy for higher vehicles like trucks and SUVs. So, children, elderly individuals, or people with mobility issues can step in or out of the vehicle. 

S-Series Truck Running Boards

Improved Safety – 

The S-Series running boards have a slip-resistant stepping surface and sturdy construction so that they can be able to minimize the risk of slipping and falling. Getting truck running boards provides safer entry and exit from your vehicle.

Style and Personalization –

The sleek design and customizable finish options are provided with the S-Series running boards. Hence, you can personalize your vehicle and make a style statement. These running boards add a unique touch of sophistication and complement the overall look of your vehicle.

Final Conclusion –

The S-Series running boards provide you with a perfect combination of style and functionality for any vehicle owner. Manufactured with sleek design, durability, and functionality, these running boards improved the overall look of your ride while offering easy accessibility and enormous functionality to both drivers and passengers. 

You should invest in S-Series running boards available at Running Board Central. So, step up into your vehicle in style and comfort and take advantage of all the benefits that S-Series running boards offer.

Choosing Between Running Boards and Nerf Bars for Your Truck/SUV

If you are looking to improve both the look and functionality of your truck or SUV, two options to consider are running boards and nerf bars. Although they both serve the purpose of providing an easier step-up for getting in and out of your vehicle, there are distinct differences between the two that may affect your ultimate choice.

Here’s a closer look at running boards and nerf bars, along with the pros and cons of each to help you determine which is the best option for your vehicle.

Running Boards

Running Boards:

Running boards near me  are typically wider and flatter than nerf bars, providing a larger and more stable stepping surface. They can be made of various materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic, and can also be painted or powder-coated to match your vehicle’s color.


  • Wider and flatter stepping surface for easier entry and exit.
  • Greater protection for your vehicle’s side panels and undercarriage.
  • There is a range of materials and finishes available for running boards to complement your vehicle’s style.
  • Installing running boards can lend a sleek and sophisticated appearance to your vehicle.


  • Wider design may interfere with off-road clearance and affect aerodynamics.
  • More noticeable on the side of your vehicle, potentially affecting aesthetics.

Nerf Bars:

Nerf bars, also known as side steps, are typically smaller and more oval tubular in design than running boards. They are usually made of steel or stainless steel and are available in a variety of finishes.



  • Less expensive than running boards.
  • Smaller design may be less noticeable on the side of your vehicle.
  • Can still provide a functional step-up for easier entry and exit.


  • Smaller stepping surface may not be as stable as running boards.
  • Limited protection for your vehicle’s side panels and undercarriage.
  • May not add as much visual interest to your vehicle as running boards.

So, which one is right for your vehicle? The answer ultimately depends on your personal preferences, as well as your vehicle’s style and intended use. If you’re looking for a wider stepping surface and greater protection for your vehicle, running boards may be the way to go. However, if you’re seeking a less noticeable and economical alternative, nerf bars could be a better fit.

Regardless of which one you choose; both running boards and nerf bars can add function and style to your vehicle while making it easier to get in and out.

Running Boards – Why are There So Many Different Types?

Want to make your vehicle more convenient and safer while adding an appealing look to it? Maybe you’re confused by all the different types and options out there. Well let’s take a look at the various type of  running available to you. Maybe  you’re also wondering what running boards are exactly and how it can help you achieve your goals? Running boards are add-on features for vehicles especially for SUVs and trucks that makes it convenient for passengers to get in and out. Moreover, these offer a bit of extra protection from road debris that gets kicked up by the tires. We at have been in this industry for years and would like to let you know all about running boards, their pros and cons and the types of running boards available for your vehicle.

Running boards are a platform that can be attached directly under the doors of a truck or SUV in order to assist passengers in getting in and out of the vehicle comfortably. Usually running boards are used on trucks and SUVs as the ground clearance is higher with these well-built vehicles. It especially is useful for people who seek more support for holding their weight while getting in or out of the vehicle. Apart from offering additional support at the entrance and exit of your vehicle, running boards also give your vehicle a more rugged and modern appeal. As far as material is concerned, usually running boards are made of steel, aluminum or  molded ABS plastic. 

Different Types of Running Boards Available

There are a number of different types of running boards available on the market. However, we have brought you some of the most common types of running boards that are among the best you can buy:

Traditional Flat Running Boards

Normally traditional running boards are practical and function-based and cost less than many other types of running boards. If you require extra support for getting in or out of the vehicle then you can use such running boards as these. Traditional running boards also come in different materials and finishes to suit your choice.

Running Boards such as traditional running boards come with flat and wide steps situated just under the doors in a perfect spot for putting your foot when you enter or exit the vehicle such as trucks, SUVs, and off-road vehicles such as Jeeps. The intent of adding running boards is to facilitate people in getting in the vehicle easily and safely. 

Nerf Bars: Nerf bars are side steps that offer extra support at the major access points of the vehicle. These bars are designed in such a way that these resemble oval tubes attached below truck doors. Nerf bars use flat plastic inserts that help you in getting into the vehicle with enhanced support and safety.

Rock Sliders: Such an accessory is generally made of steel and is used in heavy-duty off-roaders. These are attached to the vehicle’s chassis and are somewhat shorter than running boards. The key function of rock sliders is to protect the bottoms of the doors and sills while moving over objects such as large rocks hence, the name rock sliders.

Electric Running Boards

Electric running boards are an ideal option for people looking for running boards but do not wish them to be there all the time. Electric running boards are technologically advanced options that can swing out and down automatically when you open the doors and withdraw when the doors are closed. These are quite expensive options but are extremely useful!We at offer running boards near you at a price that will fit your budget. So if you are looking for “running boards near me” then browse our website today.

4 Things you Need to Know Before Buying Running Boards

If you’re looking for a way to increase your truck’s safety, functionality and value, running boards might be the answer. Running boards are a great way to improve the look of your vehicle while also adding functionality and additional safety. They can help you get in and out of your truck safely and they can also be used as a step to access the bed of your truck.

But before going shopping, there are a few things you should know about running boards.

Running Boards

What is the difference between cab length and wheel-to-wheel running boards?

Running boards come in two lengths, cab length and wheel-to-wheel. Cab length running boards run along under the cab (doors) only. Wheel-to-wheel running boards are longer and run from the front wheel all the way to the rear wheel allowing access to the front part of the truck bed. If you want to get into your truck bed frequently, or need maximum accessibility, wheel-to-wheel running boards are a good option!

What is the purpose of the recessed type step area?

Running boards with recessed step areas are very strong and rust-resistant. With these models, the tubing and step pads are mounted within the running boards themselves in  the recessed area, so they aren’t exposed to the elements like other models of running boards. This helps keep them clean and free from mud, snow and road debris.

What Type of Running Boards are Right for You?

If you’re looking for the best and most suitable running boards for your vehicle, there are many to choose from. Although cold-rolled carbon steel is relatively inexpensive and readily available, it’s more likely to corrode than its stainless counterpart. Stainless steel is a great material for running boards and is much more resistant to corrosion and can be polished to a bright chrome shine that will make your truck look great.

Running Boards

Where to find high quality aftermarket running boards?

For high quality aftermarket running boards, American Truck N’ Auto Accessories is your best bet. Our goal is to provide you with the best aftermarket Running Boards available today at an affordable price. We pride ourselves in offering competitive prices while still providing high quality products and services to our customers. We offer a wide variety of options for all makes and models of trucks and SUVs—and we stand behind every product we sell! Check us out today at

How Do You Shop for the Right Running Boards Near You?

Are you looking for superb-quality running boards near you? If yes, then you have made a good decision. Running boards makes access into your truck a lot easier and provides you with enormous protection and safety. So, you should know what to look for while choosing running boards near you for your truck or SUV. 

Consider the uses for running boards

Running boards are specifically designed to help people step into tall vehicles as effortlessly as possible. They are well-known for their beautiful appearance. Running boards are installed under the side doors and are in between the front and back wheel wells. 

Typically, running boards are made by different manufacturers for specific models or can be custom-made. You will come across different lengths of running boards and they are made with different materials and exceptional styles. 

Consider the style of running boards.

Running boards are available in many styles including cab length, wheel-to-wheel, bed, and full flare. Your selection must rely on your requirement to climb and access the specific areas of the vehicle or what about the appearance. 

Consider the materials for running boards

Generally, running boards are made from stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass, aluminum, or ABS plastic. Aluminum and steel are more durable and can be available in different finishes. But fiberglass and plastic materials can be painted to match the vehicle style perfectly. Textures and patterns present on the running boards help prevent slipping. 

Bottom Line –

While choosing running boards near you for your truck or SUV, you should evaluate the style, materials, and uses. At American Truck N’ Auto Accessories, you will choose from sturdy heavy-duty carbon steel to 304 marine grade stainless steel to the always popular light and strong extruded aluminum. 

Most of our running boards are available in a beautiful silver finish, mirror finish, polished stainless or flat powder coat black. We have many OEM running board styles available but at a fraction of the cost of the original equipment. Our extensive inventory allows you to take advantage of shopping for all of your truck running boards, truck steps, oval or round nerf bars, tube steps, and side steps. Every product we carry is backed by the manufacturer’s comprehensive, complete warranty. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch customer service. Find the right running board that perfectly matches the model and make of your SUV or truck. Please check out our available range of running boards at