Buying 2005-2023 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab 5″ Oval Black Aluminum Nerf Bars

Do you constantly struggle to get in and out of your truck because it’s just too darn high? Why don’t you buy some  5″ Oval Black Aluminum Nerf Bars! These Nerf bars are manufactured from aluminum offering enormous corrosion resistance. They are of high quality and available with durable black e-coating for a visually-appealing, long-lasting finish. 

The nerf bars are specifically designed to resist corrosion from different road conditions like salt used on the roads during snowy climate conditions. They are designed specifically to bolt directly onto your truck or SUV by using the OEM mounting points. 

These bars can be installed effortlessly as they require only  regular tools used in homes. Rest assured that these  nerf bars are available with a comprehensive ten years manufacturer warranty that includes the finish!  So, you can be confident in the quality of these nerf bars.

When shopping for superb quality nerf bars online, you should look no further than 2005-2023 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab 5″ Oval Black Aluminum Nerf Bars. They feature top-quality aluminum alloy construction along with steel brackets. These bars are 5” cab length premium standard aluminum black nerf bars. They are made from 6063 aluminum alloy; so they are lightweight, sturdy, and durable. 

These aluminum nerf bars have an attractive textured black e-coat finish to deliver a beautiful appearance and superior long-lasting protection. They come with exceptionally designed no-crush step pads offering high-standard gripping and style and they won’t crack or dip in the middle. These nerf bars look attractive and exceptionally angled end caps. They won’t require any drilling during the installation. You can bolt them directly on using the factory mounting points. 

The 2005-2023 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab 5″ Oval Black Aluminum Nerf Bars have a 400lb weight rating per every board. They come complete with sturdy brackets and hardware e-coated with anti rust properties. These steps include the manufacturer’s comprehensive 10-year warranty on structure and finish. 

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