Nerf Bars

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Nerf bars  are accessories offering a safe area to step onto while entering or exiting a pickup truck. They are attached to the bottom part of the truck and can be made from different materials and come in different lengths. Nerf bars offer a stepping surface at the entry point into your cabin. There are several styles, sizes, and types of nerf bars available. They can also be known as side bars, nerf steps, side rails or step bars. They come in various shapes and sizes such as round or oval in different widths and lengths.

Nerf Bars

However, truck manufacturers have originally adopted nerf bars from the racing world. Nerf bars were originally designed to fend off the overly aggressive racing enthusiasts in the beginning days of the professional car racing world. They are often pipe-like fixtures connected to the side of the vehicle and help the pickup truck drivers to avoid some of the dents and mud-splattering impacts of loose, bumpy gravel roadways. These bars allow people entering the vehicle to wipe away the debris and mud particles from their shoes conveniently before entering the cabin. 

Nerf bars are available in different materials and are usually made of aluminum or steel. They can hold up to 500 lbs. Some nerf bars provide rubber foot grips at every entryway of your vehicle to provide additional slip resistance while other bars have sleeker designs without this option. Some manufacturers provide wheel-to-wheel nerf bars that work on the entire length of your truck which provides easy accessibility into the truck and the truck bed. Nerf step bars are another style of nerf bars to consider as they are much wider and are often more secure options than their round counterparts. 

Nerf bars look great and provide enormous protection from rock chips and other road debris while driving. During your travels, your truck kicks up different grime and debris. By installing nerf bars, you will be able to prevent some of the debris from hitting or scratching the doors and side panels of your pickup truck.. 

Nerf bars can be made of stainless steel or carbon steel though there are a few aluminum models available on the market. Most nerf bars feature a step pad on the top of the bar corresponding with every entry point to the cabin, but some nerf bar manufacturers offer bars with hoop steps that drop down to offer a step closer to the ground area. 

On most vehicles, these bars are connected to the rocker panel of the vehicle using bolts and brackets which doesn’t require any drilling. Cab length nerf bars are commonly available whereas the wheel-to-wheel types give a convenient step into the side of your bed to access cargo or a toolbox. So which type of nerf bars do you choose? Different finishes are available including polished, chrome, gloss black and textured black. Please check out the available range of nerf bars at Running Board Central and find the one best matches your vehicle.

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